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Due to the private nature of the inventories the names of the clients have not been used, only their occupation and location.

When PATI did an inventory of our home, we discovered that we had a larger number of valuable collectibles than originally thought! We went back to our insurance broker to ensure we had proper coverage for all our belongings. Home Owner, Ottawa

Our home is very customized, so to ensure full value for it and its contents in the event of a fire or theft, we had PATI take detailed photos of everything, including the custom cabinetry. Linking the items to receipts ensured a record of their true value. Insurance Broker, Toronto

Our business inventory with PATI detailing original and replacement costs of equipment has been invaluable information for us and our insurance broker. If anything happens to our company's assets there is no question they are owned by the business and what their replacement cost is. Financial Planner, Ottawa

Upon completion of our home inventory with PATI we identified what articles would go to which family members. Family heirlooms will go to the family members we selected; our lawyer has appended the inventory to the will. Accountant, Ottawa

My parents used PATI inventories to track all of their financial assets and to compile a home inventory. After they passed away we used the inventories to settle the estate, probate the will and settle taxes expediently. PATI was crucial in tracking a number of instances where money was owed to the estate. Executor, Niagara-on-the-Lake

After our house was robbed, we realized how important a detailed inventory was and contracted PATI, who recommended we assemble all of our receipts and discovered some that weren’t in the insurance claim. The extra insurance funds more than covered PATI’s costs and our receipts are now included in our inventory. Home Owner, Ottawa

After PATI did my home inventory I felt comfortable having them do a financial inventory. As a result, PATI pointed out bundled services from my utility company that reduced monthly costs. When PATI provided a detailed investment tracking spreadsheet, I determined my best investment strategy and turned monthly losses into gains. Insurance Broker, Toronto

I assist senior clients who are downsizing their homes or moving to a retirement residence. This means determining what to keep, what to give away and creating a familiar surroundings in their new place. PATI photographs of the home are pivotal in keeping the new surroundings familiar. With PATI’s inventory of valuable artworks and collectibles, distant family members can assist in making decisions about the downsizing and dispersal of the assets. Transition Facilitator, Ottawa

Since I own a small business and a home, keeping track of personal and business expenses and income is time consuming and secondary to the success of my business. PATI tracks all of this. Now, especially at tax time, I can be assured that business expenses are properly applied to my company so I don’t suffer a tax hit. If required, PATI makes a complete business and personal summary of information with the appropriate receipts for tax preparation. This saves me valuable time to spend with my family. Technical Writer, Ottawa

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