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Personal Asset Tracking Inc. offers two types of services:

  1. Financial Asset Compilation, Budget Creation & Weekly/Monthly Updates
  2. Physical Asset Inventories for homes, cottages, apartments, condominiums and small businesses

A Service Agreement (prices subject to change) outlines the services provided with a check-off list in Schedule A and a list outlining who PATI can disclose information to on behalf of the client as outlined in Schedule B.

PATI is bonded and insured and completely committed to client confidentiality. All client files are backed up throughout each week to ensure that client information is secure.

Financial Service DescriptionFinancial interview photo

The financial service is designed to address the needs of the family and its need to be aware of all areas of its finances and be in control of the daily transactions as well as the long term income and expense budgeting. Through an interview session PATI captures all of the client's financial asset and liability data as of the beginning of the month. All of the bills, receipts and bank/credit card statements from the an agreed to date are collected and used as input in determining ongoing income and expenses. Through discussion with the client an annual budget is arrived at.

At this point the client must decide if they are looking for a current statement and budget or for an ongoing tracking of all their financial transactions with the potential of receiving:

  • Weekly or monthly reports on their financial status and upcoming income & bills
  • Weekly tracking of all equity (Stocks and Mutual Funds) with all the details needed at Tax time
  • Generation of tax information based on input in February of new year
  • Organization and maintenance of a financial folder with all bills, receipts and statements
  • Reconciliation of all bank/credit card statements
  • Searches for financial information for warranty or payment confirmation purposes
  • Tracking and printouts of mortgage, loan or line of credit past and future payments
  • Creation of any tracking spreadsheet for depreciation, auto expenses, etc.
  • Click here for a detailed description, pricing or a view of a sample statement (note that you should click on the buttons in the upper right corner to move within the document or use your Browser's Back button to return here)
  • We will make information available for your accountant, financial planner, lawyer or insurance company at your request
  • Your information is backed up daily on removable disks and weekly on an external hard drive and CD-ROM which is kept in a safe deposit box

This service is aimed at individuals and families. The normal turnaround is within three days for weekly updates and within two weeks for monthly updates. For small businesses we recommend a certified bookkeeper.

Asset Inventory Service DescriptionFinancial interview photo

The asset inventory service is designed to address the needs of the family or home/small business and its need to catalogue information about all the items that they own or use. Through a photographic and interview session, PATI captures all of the client's physical assets and other important information such as names of life insurance companies and policy numbers, bank account numbers and the bank location, safe deposit box & key numbers and locations, etc.

At this time you must also decide if you want a panorama photograph of the room so that those items not itemized can be seen and remembered. This panorama can also be added to the interactive CD-ROM and used to identify items by pointing and clicking on them.

You pay for the time taken at the client's site and then once the inventory has been taken we massage the photos and populate them into a database along with all the details (Item description, location, category, serial number, model number, date of purchase, purchase price, current price, warranty details, ownership details and notes, etc.). The database sorts the information alphabetically by location, then by category and lastly by purchase price or alphabetically by item name. The purchase prices and current costs are totaled and displayed by room and in total for the full inventory and are included in the package.

This is then captured in an Adobe Acrobat™ file and a cover page and index are added. This is printed for the paper copy and then the file is modified to provide buttons to improve on-line browsing and links are created to the high quality photos. These photos are of a quality that will allow an 8 X 10 print to be made if needed. If you have selected a panorama option this is added on the CD-ROM as well.

When complete the client receives the paper copy and CD-ROM and PATI puts a backup copy of all the information in a safe deposit box at a remote site. Optional reports based on various data sorts are also available.

A brief outline of what the service covers is outlined below:

  • On site inventory taken
  • High quality digital photos of all the items to be included in the inventory
  • Panoramas of the rooms can be taken for further detail beyond the individual items or for interactive access to the high quality photos and text details
  • For those items with authentication papers (painting, jewelry, collectibles, etc.) a photo is taken of this additional paperwork and is appended to the large photo and stored on the CD-ROM
  • Optionally the reports can be linked internally between the index pages and the details pages and the thumbnail pictures in the report can be linked to the large photos on the CD-ROM
  • The client is interviewed for unique details to be included plus date of purchase and purchase price
  • The client can provide current cost details or this can optionally be determined on their behalf
  • Optional reports based on warranty status, ownership status or "Goes To" status are also available.
  • The Adobe Acrobat™ file can be encrypted and locked with the client's choice of password and restrictions can be put on the document in regards to printing, copying or modifying
  • Annual upgrades are recommended and only new items are added and items no longer owned are deleted. As this is at a much lower cost then the initial inventory there is a small fee for the paper and CD-ROM output
  • A backup of all the photos and inventory details is stored in a safe deposit box in a bank vault
  • Click here for a detailed description, pricing or a view of the optional interactive sample (note that you should click on the buttons in the upper right corner to move within the document or use your Browser's Back button to return here and you can click on the photos for a larger photo but be patient)
  • To see information on the enhancements made to the inventory package click on 9/18/03 enhancements or 9/3/2004 enhancements.

The inventory service is aimed at small or home businesses and individuals or families with homes, cottages, apartments or condominiums. The normal turn around time is two weeks or less. See the business or personal links for the detailed advantages that this service can provide.

Click on testimonials for customer comments.

Let PATI increase your peace of mind and quality time with friends and family

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