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photoToday's Small or Home Business is becoming increasingly more complex as the level of technology increases and newer and more powerful tools are added and upgraded. The value of the equipment is also increasing as prices move up and down and older models are rendered obsolete.

This means that keeping track of the value of your assets and keeping an inventory of them is also becoming more complex. This information is important for insurance purposes as the insurance companies would like an inventory of what is in your office and what it may be worth. Having a description and photograph of the computers, printers, fax machines, copiers, etc. along with the model and serial numbers helps them determine what the value of the insurance should be and helps the police recover the items if they are stolen.

PATI prepares this level of detailed information for you as input for your insurance agent/broker and will keep the information up to date on a real time or periodic basis as part of its Asset Inventory Service.

If you require a listing of your equipment and its initial, depreciated and replacement value along with a history of maintenance costs, etc. we will create a spreadsheet and maintain it based on your input. This will help you determine when a piece of office equipment is costing more to maintain then to replace. Other custom spreadsheets can also be created to address your tracking and management needs.

The service described here suits all small and home business but for builders and real estate companies there may be a number of other advantages.

Let us help keep your office inventory up to date.


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