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Personal Asset Tracking Inc. was incorporated in November of 2002.

It's objective is to reduce the workload of small/home business owners and individuals by providing a service that will compile their current financial situation and keep it up to date and create a portfolio of all the physical assets owned by the business or individual. The reduction in tedium in collecting and compiling data and the consistent information updates should provide more time for quality activities and the associated peace of mind.

At this time the weekly Financial Service is only offered in Ottawa but the Home and Business Inventory can be provided anywhere in Ontario.

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Personal Asset Tracking Inc. is an incorporated business. Joe Hiscott, the President of the company, graduated from the University of Waterloo as an Electrical Engineer in 1973 and worked 29 years at Nortel until the 2002 cutbacks. He held many senior management positions in technology design, marketing and sales. For most of those years Joe tracked all of his financial information using manual and computerized (Excel, Dollars & Sense, MYOB, Quicken and Quickbooks) processes. Joe has taken many courses in accounting at both undergraduate and MBA level and while he is not a certified bookkeeper his experience at Nortel and at home has given him an excellent background in monitoring and tracking finances.


Joe's hobbies include photography and computer photo manipulation. His usage of databases and interest in detail are ideal assets to bring to the creation of a detailed, photo based physical asset inventory.

Contact Joe Hiscott at Personal Asset Tracking Inc. using one of the following means:

Mailing Address: Communications:
Suite 189 Telephone:  (613) 837-3686

5929L Jeanne D'Arc Blvd.

Toll Free:    (877) 837-3686

Orleans, Ontario Facsimile:    (613) 837-2329
K1C 7K2 E-mail:

Let PATI increase your peace of mind and quality time with family and friends

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