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photoThe Canadian Government requires a detailed, text based inventory for each individual or family when they are posted outside of Canada or when they return to Canada.

The information includes:

  • a description of the item
  • the quantity of identical items
  • the year of purchase
  • the replacement cost in Canadian dollars
  • the condition (Excellent, Average, Fair or Poor)
  • comments

Depending on the organization it also includes one or a group of the following:

  • shipping category (accompanied baggage, air, sea/surface, long term storage or personal storage)
  • insurance (none, official, private)
  • appraised
  • box or crate number

Depending on the organization the personal information will include a group of the following:

  • name (first and last)
  • serial number
  • rank
  • departure or posted from
  • destination or posted to
  • number of dependants
  • departure date
  • indication of initial, supplementary or additional personal insurance inventory
  • authorization information
  • member's name and date
  • date inventory received
  • total number of items and total value of each category
  • space for appropriate signatures, rank, position and date

This inventory is totally text based and does not include the photos and all the additional details located in the normal PATI photo based inventory.

Government Of Canada Employees Only

This inventory is only provided for employees of the Government of Canada who require a text based inventory when being posted outside of Canada or when returning to Canada. If the government employed client requests the full photo based inventory and requires this text based version as well then this version is compiled and provided at no additional cost. When this is the only version required the initial creation of the inventory is provided at a 50% discount from the normal PATI hourly rate. Subsequent updates revert to the normal hourly rate.

Ongoing Updates

Once the initial inventory has been completed and the client has relocated PATI will maintain the inventory via e-mail. The client identifies details of the elimination or addition of any item and for a small fee PATI incorporates these changes into the inventory while maintaining a history of eliminated items. At any time the client can request a new copy of the latest version of the inventory in hard or soft copy by post or e-mail. This avoids the requirement of creating a new inventory upon the return to Canada or a subsequent posting. Copies will be produced at the normal rate as required for the various organizations involved in the move.

Client Responsibilities

The client is responsible for obtaining the necessary appraisals as required or the certification of working order for electrical appliances, etc. but, for a small fee, PATI will photograph or scan these documents and provide them on a diskette or CD.

The client is responsible for providing the date of purchase and any pricing details for each item. The client is also responsible for ensuring that the latest information required by their Ministry or Department is provided to PATI in case there are changes made in the inventory requirements. PATI will make every effort to incorporate the changes into the inventory.

Let PATI minimize the stress of a move or posting.


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